Buddy’s appearance in the November 2017 remake of Kick The Buddy.




Humanoid Rag Doll



Buddy is the main protagonist of the Kick the Buddy series. He is a rag doll who moves around, and is supposed to be beat up, hence the title of the game. Be nice to buddy, he is very good friend.

Appearance Edit

Buddy is an anthromorphic rag doll with two beady eyes, a stitched on blue shirt with a white star, and ropes for arms and legs. In the 2011 version, his appearance was almost identical, but the only difference was that he had no arms and legs.

Behavior Edit

Buddy moves around and jumps randomly, often saying quotes. The main goal of the game is to beat him to death. Depending on what object or weapon you use, Buddy will react. Buddy often has a mood. He starts out as happy, but if you hit him, his mood will go down to good, and down to sad, where he frowns. If you keep on hitting him, he will die.


  • Buddy says quotes depending on the weapons you use.
  • There is an item called Make the Buddy, which tells how to make a real Buddy Ragdoll.
  • If you take a picture Buddy will do faces. (Or maybe heads if you do picture.)
  • The “MEDIC!” quote Buddy makes when hurt is a reference to the popular game, Team Fortress 2.
  • In the 2011 version of Kick The Buddy, Buddy may cuss when you attack him.
  • Buddy sings.
  • Buddy is happy if you are nice to him. Buddy is sad if you are mean to him.