Buddy’s appearance in the November 2017 remake of Kick The Buddy.




Humanoid Rag Doll



Buddy is the main protagonist of Kick the Buddy. He is a rag doll who moves around, and is supposed to be beaten up, hence the title of the game.

Appearance Edit

Buddy is an anthropomorphic rag doll with two beady eyes, a stitched on blue shirt with a white star, and ropes for arms and legs. In the 2011 version, his appearance was almost identical, but the only difference was that he had no arms and legs.


  • Buddy says quotes depending on the weapons you use.
  • There is an item called Make the Buddy, which tells how to make a real Buddy Ragdoll.
  • If you take a picture, Buddy will do faces. (Or maybe heads if you do picture.)
  • The “MEDIC!” quote Buddy makes when hurt is a reference to the popular game, Team Fortress 2.
  • In the 2011 version of Kick The Buddy, Buddy may cuss when you attack him.
  • Buddy has a singing ability. He can sing certain lyrics from a song.
  • Buddy is happy if you are nice to him and sad if you are mean to him.