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Wehope you will find a lot of interesting facts about this Kick the Buddy bootleg.

Playgendary Edit

Playgendary is the owner of Despicable Bear who also made Bowmasters,and Hand Of God

They put in the name of their games:Top Games

They basicalily own KickTheBuddy now.


Playgendary makes most of their games a Ad free version,the ad versions are free,the ad free version cost money.The Despicable Bear ad free version has a different icon than the ad version,the ad free version has a blue background,the ad version has a red background.The Ad version also has more room on the bottom of the street because that's were the ads go.

Kick The Buddyman? Edit

If you have played both Kick The Buddyman And Despicable Bear you might have noticed some

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similarities between them like:Similar artwork,similar sayings,similar KO's,etc,thats because Despicable Bear is a Rip Off of KickTheBuddy,BuddymanKick,and Kick the Buddyman.

Despicable Bear says almost all the stuff Buddy and Buddyman Say.

And some things are changed up but they are still meaning that original saying,Example: Buddy:You hit like my Mama, Bear:You hit like my granny, see? Simple changes but they mean the same thing! They also say the same things when lit on fire such as: SIRI Call the ambulance!, I’m burning! And Ohoo! My biscuits are burning!

Crappy Edit

More crappy things About Despicable Bear in KickTheBuddy, BuddymanKick,KickTheBuddyman,etc you can stretch Buddy/Buddyman in  Despicable Bear he doesn't stretch at all!Also The lucky ticket roultte SUCKS!

One good thing about this game is parts fall off the bear which is cool!

More Buddyman! Edit

Buddyman is still out there in Buddyman Run,you can't beat him up but you can run with him :)

Buddyman run icon

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