Buddybot is under the category of Nano Weapons, He has 4 weapons which are laser. Laser is really good for rapid death to buddy also it on the right hand. Machine gun, The Machine gun is on the left hand and it's a rapid fire weapon. Missiles are a great way to farm money because it takes 9 of the 8 rockets to kill buddy and also He reloads them once after it wastes all 8 rockets. Also When you spawn him, You have to click on him to turn him on. The last weapon are his Legs because when you drag him, You burn buddy while dragging him so It's considered a weapon. He's the Only weapon that speaks and says quotes.

His quotes:

"Sleep, little one"

"Stop moving around."

"You speak too much."

"Must destroy target"

"Destroy all buddies"

"Life is over."

"Bring it on Tiny Man"

"Lock or Load/Rock and Roll"

"Does he ever shut up?"

Also Buddybot can jump by tapping on him once