The icon for the original Kick the Buddy app.

The original Kick the Buddy was the fist game for Crustalli, then the next game should be Parking Lot, however, Kick the Buddy ended in April 2012 so it would be replaced and get a sequel known as Kick the Buddy: Second Kick.


This game started at 2011, and it wasn't so popular. Gold didn't exist, there were not many weapons, etc. On April 2012, so it may become more popular, it was removed, and later, it was remade as Second Kick.


There were some screw-ups, mainly how Buddy speaked, since it was a paper dialouge instead of him talking, also the Mega Gravity, which only made Buddy get flung slowly by touching sides of the screen, and now a spinning whirpool appears, and only here was the Toys section. There was no gold, only Buddy Bucks.

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