This is a complete list of quotes that Buddy says. Some are exclsive to different versions.


  • Hey, I'm Buddy, nice to meet you.
  • Bo-ring! [two versions]
  • Did somebody call me.
  • Do you know the WiFi password?
  • Have we met? I'm Buddy.
  • Weirdly awkward! (Followed by mouth sound effects)
  • You want some ants on a log.
  • I want to see the basement in the Alamo!
  • Ooh, nice fingers you got there.
  • I'm a pirate arrgge, just kidding!
  • Lets see what we can do!
  • Can I watch the x files for a while?
  • Ill go play a couple of your iPhone games if that's ok
  • So, what do you wanna do?
  • Steamboat Willie, hoot hoot!
  • Wipe off the screen, would ya!
  • Have you been to the moon?
  • Do you know anyone famous?
  • You got a strange look in your eye.
  • Don't get my box wet.
  • Take me on down to Grandma Pickles Farm.
  • It's a Never Ending Story! (Followed by mouth sound effects)
  • I live in a box.

Opened the game Edit

  • Good morning world. Good morning friend. Good morning box.
  • Boxy boxy boxy box oh, hello!

Bad item Edit

Some items have Buddy react scared.

  • Uh, no
  • Choose something else.
  • Thats not good.
  • Uhhh, put them back just put it back.
  • No, nonono. Not that.
  • Nah, no no no. Not that.
  • Might would put that back.
  • That looks dangerous!
  • Hey don't get cut!
  • That's Exotic!
  • That's kinda extreme!

Wardrobe Edit

  • I'm dressed to kill.
  • I'm dressed to be killed!
  • Fancy!
  • Old School is cool!

Slots Edit

  • Spin to win!
  • Go for the gold
  • Win, daddy, win!
  • You've got this!

Not enough money Edit

  • Loser!
  • Hahahahahahah!
  • The numbers don't lie!
  • Do the math!
  • Watch a video for gold!

Good items Edit

These items give Buddy a good reaction. Some of them loop over time replacing the standby quotes. Some can also be the quotes from buying something

Non looping quotesEdit

  • You're so cool!
  • Aw yeah!

Looping quotesEdit

  • Good choice. Use that every time.
  • Oh fine yes that'll work. Good choice
  • Um yeah that'll work.
  • Excellent choice!
  • Money well spent.
  • Way to go!

Tortured Edit

These quotes appear if Buddy is being killed by something. Also they got stolen by bowmasters Playgendary who also made Despicable bear, a rip off.

  • Momma!
  • I'm pippy Longstocking!
  • I hope your battery dies.
  • I feel the earth, move, under my feet!
  • Oh my God!
  • Mama told me not to come!
  • Put down that haterade!
  • Time out, time out!
  • I'm sea food!
  • Ouch, ooch!
  • You'll never get my netflix password!
  • Smackdown!
  • You've got issues!
  • Patriot!
  • That's not right!
  • I have the hospital on speed dial!
  • Hey, hey let's get down to business!
  • I'm not under warranty!
  • Santa won't like this!
  • I can take it!
  • I'm being tenderized.
  • My therapist said no.
  • There is no light!
  • Cataclysm!
  • Oh the pain the pain!
  • Compound fractures!
  • Son of a bee sting!
  • Starfish multiply when cut!
  • It slices and dices!
  • Cut me outta here!
  • I feel like a pinata!
  • And this is just the first round!
  • Is that the best you can do?
  • You're enjoying this, aren't you?
  • In a million years!
  • You watch youtube too much.
  • Truce, truce!
  • Time out!
  • No, no, no!
  • I'm unarmed!
  • Read the directions!
  • Are ya done yet! Didn't think so!
  • I think I got a boo-boo!
  • I think I swallowed a tooth!
  • You're killing me!
  • Ow!
  • I have a bunch of band-aids in the truck!
  • I need a band-aid!
  • Do you know any organ donors?
  • Buddy angry!
  • Tell the Xray room to stand by.
  • Zoinks!
  • Stop please!
  • Help!
  • I though we were friends, remember!
  • Ok, get it all out, ya skippy.
  • Thats a singer!
  • Call animal control!
  • Isn't your finger getting tired?
  • A little higher to the left, please.
  • A little lower to the left.
  • Sacre Bleu!
  • Sunny beaches!
  • Nyyehh!
  • Nice knuckle sandwich!
  • I'm gonna hit the mat!
  • You hit like my mama!
  • You missed a spot!
  • Oh the pain!
  • Think happy thoughts!
  • What on earth do I deserve that for!
  • Well looks like it's Tuesday.
  • Such maltreatment!
  • Rock and Roll!
  • I'm no match for you!
  • Buddy hurt!
  • Its the end of the world as we know it!
  • You're a terrible person!
  • I see a pretty, bright light!
  • I'm doomed, there goes the sequel!
  • Man Down!
  • Imma going senseless!
  • I'm out!
  • I don't have any secrets!
  • Think of your karma!
  • I know a psychiatrist!
  • Nothing is safe!

Burning Edit

  • I'm burning!
  • Stop drop and roll!
  • Oh god why?
  • Your a bad person.
  • Open a window!
  • Heaven to Betsy!
  • Whammie!
  • Siri, take me to the nearest hospital!
  • Siri, call the ambulance!
  • My biscuits are burning!

Wet Edit

  • Water Water Everywhere!

Embarrassed quotes? Edit

These appear for some items.

  • Tell nobody of what you see.
  • This is re-donkey-donk.
  • Dont put this on Youtube!
  • You'll be buddy's Buddy now.
  • I'm mortified!
  • You make me feel ugly!
  • This couldn't get worse!

Leaving the game Edit

These quotes appear exclusively when exiting the game.

  • Uh-uh!
  • Ugh-ugh!
  • Ah-ah!
  • Stay just a little bit longer!
  • Wont you stay?
  • Pizza?
  • Come back!
  • Must you go
  • Boo!
  • Wrong!
  • Fight the power!

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